Embroidery Machine


Richpeace Computerized Perforation,Sewing and Embroidery Machine


Applications: Car leather seats, foot pads, air seats, leather furniture, sports shoes, leather shoes, leather clothing etc.


Richpeace Computerized Large Scale Flat Embroidery Machine


Embroidery Application Large clothing, curtains, bedding, crafts, etc.


Richpeace Computerized Lace Embroidery Machine

RPCE-FN series

Apply for Sari, water soluble, curtains, lace etc.


Richpeace Computerized Precise Flat Embroidery Machine


Richpeace Computerized Precise Flat Embroidery Machine Application:Trademark, fashion, curtains, bedspread, toys, decorations, craft art-work precision embroidery.


Richpeace Computerized Single Head Cap/Tubular Embroidery Machine


Application:Clothing,cap,toy and other industries,Suitable for small shops,boutique,desigh room and teaching in school, those are dealing with small volume production


Richpeace Computerized Multi-heads Cap/Tubular Embroidery Machine


Application:T-shirt,sweaters,tubular working clothes and caps as well as normal flat embroidery


Richpeace Computerized Mixed Chenille Embroidery Machine


Application: Stereoscopic Embroidery, applicable to the special clothing and children clothing.


Richpeace Computerized Mixed Coiling Embroidery Machine


Application Widely used on clothes, craftwork, study in school.


  Since 1992, RICHPEACE insisted in R&D and innovaton in Computerized Embroidery Equipment Manufacturing field. Every year, RICHPEACE would issue a new type machine, which completely adopt owned intellectual property right and cover the whole series product of the entre industry. Best-selling all over the world and reach great achievements.

  In 1992, Computerized Embroidery DOS Punching Machine.

  In 1994, Computerized Embroidery Disk Reader.

  In 1995, Computerized Embroidery Computer Control System.

  In 1998, cooperated with No.218 Factory and manufactured Computerized Embroidery Machine, issued both in domestc and overseas market.

  In 1999, being agent of Commerio Shiffli Embroidery Machine.

  In 2000, as the second shareholder, invested and established BEIJING NORTH PHENIX INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (SH600435), mainly operated Computerized Embroidery Equipments. In 2003, went public in Shanghai Exchange Stock, raised money to invest Computerized Knitng Machine. In 2006, all shares were sold out.

  In 2001, Embroidery Sofware Pro 2000.

  In 2002, being agent of WILCOM Embroidery Sofware.

  In 2003, Embroidery Designs Transfer System, Simulatng Floppy Driver (compatble and replace 3.5” Industrial Disk Driver).

  In 2004, being agent of MG Computerized Embroidery Machine.

  In 2005, being agent of AMAYA Computerized Embroidery Machine.

  In 2006, Computerized Sequin Embroidery Machine, Computerized Coiling Embroidery Machine, Computerized Chenille Embroidery Machine, Computerized Cap & Tubular Embroidery Machine.

  In 2008, Computerized Tuf Sttch Embroidery Machine.

  In 2009, Computerized Embroidery Machine with Laser Cutng Device.

  In 2010, Computerized Rhinestone Embroidery Machine, Computerized Sequin Motf Machine.

  In 2012, Computerized Wiring Sttching Machine.

  In 2013, Computerized Matress Border Embroidery Machine, Computerized Wallpaper / Wall cloth Embroidery Machine.

  In 2015, Computerized Mixed Coiling & Chenille Embroidery Machine (Five in one Computerized Embroidery Machine).

  In 2016, Computerized Embroidery Machine in Educaton field.

  In 2017, 2” Dual color 180 Heads Computerized Lace Embroidery Machine.

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