Richpeace Laser Cutting Machines for Big Size

RPLC-CB Series


Sofa, Garment Customer-Made, Single layer cutting, Dyeing and printing patterns oriented cutting, Car interior, Toys.

Product Video

Product Introduction

  1.Automatic cloth feeding system support and upload entire roll of cloth, which help enterprises improve production efficiency.

  2.Constant laser beam ensures consistent cut on different positions during large area cutting.

  3.Detachable machine body design facilitate machine packing and delivery.

  4.Linear Guide operation for X/Y direction.

  5.Software can be well matched with AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Richpeace Garment CAD etc. To implement the engraving graphic by original graphic.

  6.304 Stainless steel net belt, can design according customer requirement.

  7.With 1.5 inch 65K colored screen, clear display of processing preview image and machining status.

  8.There have two connectors can choose, support USB2.0 interface, U disk’s Read and write files and System Upgrade, it is more convenient, safe and reliable to communicate with the personal computer via Ethernet.

  9.Use S-type acceleration and deceleration and adjustable speed planning. It can satisfy double demand: it was steady when cutting start and stop, and high-speed working.

  10.Can optional super pattern software, can output long files one time, automatic segmentation cutting.

  11.Can optional automatic feeding shaft, can automatic cutting with one time operation.

  12.Can optional double head of laser, improve production efficiency, double speed of working.

  13.Can optional double synchronous move head of laser.

  14.Can optional double not synchronous move head of laser.

  15.Application: Furniture, sofas, clothing, car interiors, car airbags, printing and dyeing patterns, Bit cutting, toys, etc.

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