Richpeace Automatic Sewing (Laser) Machine

RPAS-LM-1-1200 × 800-A-1-LS


Sewing and cutting of clothing fabrics, eg single-layer fabrics, doublelayer fabrics with thin cotton, single-layer leather, etc.

Product Video

Product Introduction

  1. An elastic presser specially designed for the difference of the surface thickness of the fabric is adopted to avoid the phenomenon of stitch difference caused by thickness difference;

  2. The foot presser is raise head, leaving enough space for the installation template;

  3. The head can automatically supplies oil, which reduces noise and prolongs the service life;

  4. Light frame structure with good appearance and convenient transportation;

  5. The laser tube is installed on the side of the cantilever of the equipment to reduce occupying space and have good stability;

  6. The laser components in the independent box, and are convenient for maintenance.

  7. It can be placed on the bottom side of the equipment platen to reduce the area coverage;

  8. The S button screen is compact, beautiful and easy to operate, which enables WIFI to transmit patterns;

  9. Full servo motor control, high stability and high quality sewing;

  10. Large storage space, stitch file storage is not limited;

  11. High-power laser device with advantages of fast cutting speed, good effect and stability.

Richpeace Automatic Sewing (Laser) Machine

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