Richpeace Automatic 4-Side Edge Sewing Machine



Duvet, Quilt Cover, Bed hats, Mattresses protector, Mattresses, Blankets ect.

Product Video

Product Introduction

  • Applying for the four-edge slitting and blanking process after multi-needle quilting machine

  • New platform control system, PLC human machine interface

  • Edge sewing: double seam (Optional lock type flat seam or overlocking stitching machine)

  • Transverse sewing: multi-needle chain stitch flat sewing machine

  • Solve the incision and burst problem after multi-needle sewing

  • Decrease the difference of heavy material edging and improve the quality of edging

  • Greatly reduces the material consumption during the production

  • Applying for the process of four-side edge-cutting and line-pressing after multi-needle sewing, so that convenient to the edging work.

  • If it is voer locking stitch, the finished core can be as finished product to package

Richpeace Automatic 4-Side Edge Sewing Machine Application

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